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We believe the best way to a brilliant, straight smile is to listen carefully to each patient and respond to their needs with customized care, compassion and support

An orthodontist is the smartest, straightest way to a healthy and genuine smile. While both orthodontists and general dentists are doctors of dentistry, As specialists in straightening teeth, your orthodontist has the professional background and in-practice experience to correct issues such as poor dental alignment, protruding teeth and difficulty biting, and treating jaw joint problems such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)


An orthodontist is also your best resource for the range of treatment options and procedures available to correct teeth alignment issues.

  • • Adult orthodontics
  • • Teen / Adolescent orthodontics
  • • Early orthodontic treatment
  • • Esthetic orthodontics
  • • Braces and Invisalign
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