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Dr. Sumayya Babu

Medical Director & General Dentist

Dr. Sumayya Babu is a certified graduate of Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) from Calicut University, a government college in Calicut, India in 1996. She is a General Dentist with Executive Education in Microscopic Dentistry and Endodontics from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) California.USA

Having 23 years (10 years in India, 4 years in Saudi Arabia and 8 years in U.A.E) of broad experience in the dental field, Dr. Sumayya is competent in her clinical practice in general dentistry, dental surgery, patient diagnosis, aesthetic dentistry, extractions, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic restorations, endodontic treatment, crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers, oral prophylaxis, and preventive dentistry. She keeps herself updated with the latest developments in the dental profession by attending conferences and workshops. She is well-versed with the diagnosis, treatment planning and has an in-depth knowledge of the practices, principles and techniques in Dentistry. She pays close attention to patient care and ability to communicate well with patients and families. By setting definite goals for each patient, Dr. Sumayya is self-motivated and has the drive to achieve excellence in her field.

hnc Doctors

Dr. Haniel A Raj

General Dentist

Dr. Haniel A Raj is a General Dentist with over five years of clinical experience from various parts of India and Dubai, after completion of Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) from Government Dental College and Research Institute, Karnataka, India.

Dr. Haniel has practiced under several hospitals attending to the dental needs of various nationalities both in India and the Middle East. He is known to be benignant, dexterous, solicitous and very passionate about creating and spreading beautiful smiles and relieving patients of various dental aches and ailments through various ethical and systematic dental practices and is committed to providing excellent dental treatments as needed.

Management Team

hnc Doctors

Dr.Shanith Mangalat

Managing Director

Dr. Shanith Mangalath is an accomplished Specialist in Family Medicine, doctorate of medicine and post graduated in Diabetology Medicine. With over 10 years of experience in India and Middle East, he is also the founder member of the HNC Group of Hospitals network, India. Dr. Shanith is part of the leadership team and extends his rich contributions to the strategic goals of Telelink Communications and is the force behind customer-centricity and after sales services.

hnc Doctors

Dr. M.A Babu

Executive Director

Dr.M.A.Babu is a Harvard University School of Public Health Trained Dental Surgeon with broad and extensive experience in the management of Healthcare organizations at senior level both nationally and internationally. Dr.M.A.Babu previously has held many coordinating and senior management positions within the Saudi Al Rajhi Group and was instrumental in expanding Apollo Clinic Franchising in Saudi.

Most recently as a Managing Director of the newly established Hippor's Health Café based in USA and Dr.M.A.Babu is currently the CEO of White Smile a chain of Dental cosmetic Clinics . He was critical in developing Life Cell- Stem cell Banking across the Gulf region based in Dubiotech.